I believe that I am the best choice for Greene County
Commissioner not only because of my strong interest and
desire in continuing to improve our County, but also with
the skills, capabilities, and competencies that I bring
with me:
Top 10 Reasons You Should Vote For Me
Paid for by the Committee to Elect Brian Jarvis, Constance M. O’Brien, Treasurer
825 Timberwood Drive, Beavercreek, OH  45430
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  1. Always questioning how things have been done in the past;
  2. Always standing up for traditional values, issues, and positions I strongly
    believe in;
  3. Being able to readily adapt and adjust to new or changing circumstances;
  4. Not giving up easily – while overcoming obstacles to achieve results;
  5. Being able to persist on issues that are most important while, at the same
    time having to cede on less important issues in order to get the more
    important issues through;
  6. Being able to communicate – I am both a good listener and am able to
    articulate my ideas clearly while making sure that I understand others and
    that they understand me;
  7. Maintaining a positive attitude despite stress and frustration but, being able
    to recover quickly from any setbacks;
  8. Respecting people and treating them equally, regardless of who they are;
  9. Being decisive, level-headed, and consistent.
  10. Maintaining integrity – I always strive to be honest, fair, and equitable in
    everything I do.  I hold myself to a high standard and I always do what is
    right – and have the same expectation of others.
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